Move your Paws for the Polar Bear Cause 5k 1k

2019-02-23 • 1 km

143 Participants • 88 Women • 55 Men

Average Time: 00:12:31
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Comp.ViewRankNameBIBCategoryGender PlaceCat. Placefinish time
1Austin Murdock443M12+1100:04:29.5
2Kevin Hogan271M10-112100:05:05.8
3Cecilia Buzdon77F06-071100:05:14.5
4Ely S Talbi606M06-073100:05:15.7
5Loris Buzdon79M12+4200:05:17.4
6Brielle Esson183F06-072200:05:54.1
7Michael Carswell90M12+5300:05:57.4
8Margaret Carswell89F08-093100:05:57.7
9Ana-Maria Gonzalez223F10-114100:05:59.9
10Keara Esson187F08-095200:06:01.1
11Calleigh Carswell87F10-116200:06:03.5
12Ann Newby457F12+7100:06:07.0
13Brynlee Chappell102F05-8100:06:59.2
14Brandon Chappell101M12+6400:07:01.4
15Le La Talbi607F05-9200:07:12.9
16Sofia Nagy451F06-0710300:07:13.1
17Marianne Sasso549F12+11200:07:14.0
18Ferenc Nagy449M12+7500:07:15.1
19Logan Toth626M08-098100:07:40.0
20Colton Yohe696M06-079200:07:41.4
21Rebecca Muir440F12+12300:07:52.0
22Paisley Halliday242F05-13300:07:52.1
23Arlo Williams674M05-10100:07:52.5
24Danielle Domingues170F12+14400:07:54.7
25Tammy Bush75F12+15500:08:03.6
26Connor Yohe697M05-11200:08:08.0
27Isa Qureshi514M10-1112200:08:13.1
28Ferenc Jr. Nagy450M05-13300:08:26.1
29Michelle Gilbert215F12+16600:08:28.0
30Chloe Hogan269F08-0917300:08:32.0
31Adrian Hogan268M10-1114300:08:32.6
32Jessica Esson186F12+18700:08:41.4
33Clayton Esson185M05-15400:08:44.9
34Neil Laslett346M12+16600:08:47.4
35Amelia Peltz495F12+19800:08:47.5
36Oliver Laslett347M05-17500:08:47.9
37Minerva Qureshi515F05-20400:09:10.1
38Malcolm Glennie219M12+18700:09:11.6
39Lindsay Glennie218F12+21900:09:13.0
40Isla Brown67F06-0722400:09:13.8

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Name: Move your Paws for the Polar Bear Cause 5k 1k
Date: 2019-02-23
Location: Toronto, ON
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