Race Cats Davis Meet #1

2019-10-10 • Cheetahs 11-12

57 Participants • 13 Women • 44 Men

Average Time: 00:18:04
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453Benjamin brimhallMale Cheetahs 11-12100:13:08.0Davis Race Cats Elite
530James PetersMale Cheetahs 11-12200:13:10.0Kaysville Jr. High
529Josh MaughanMale Cheetahs 11-12300:13:16.0Kaysville Jr. High
1041Logan HiltonMale Cheetahs 11-12400:14:01.0Race cats elite
551Micah ThorntonMale Cheetahs 11-12500:14:07.0Snowhorse
1059Cohen YoungMale Cheetahs 11-12600:14:47.0Kay’s Creek Elementary
431Sawyer HolmMale Cheetahs 11-12700:14:50.0Columbia
434Noah MaynesMale Cheetahs 11-12800:14:52.0Columbia
433Ethan LewisMale Cheetahs 11-12900:15:03.0Columbia
435Taj MorseMale Cheetahs 11-121000:15:05.0Columbia
452Ren AdamsMale Cheetahs 11-121100:15:09.0Davis Race Cats Elite
485Rhett IsomMale Cheetahs 11-121200:15:19.0Foxboro
570Nash ParkerMale Cheetahs 11-121300:15:23.0Syracuse
429Jacob DownsMale Cheetahs 11-121400:15:46.0Columbia
432Harrison HughsMale Cheetahs 11-121500:15:52.0Columbia
550David GourleyMale Cheetahs 11-121600:16:07.0Snowhorse
528Samuel LundbergMale Cheetahs 11-121700:16:16.0Kaysville Jr. High
462Jake PugmireMale Cheetahs 11-121800:16:23.0Endeavour
562Hayden BenchMale Cheetahs 11-121900:16:41.0Syracuse
614Owen SmithMale Cheetahs 11-122000:16:41.0Tolman
613Samuel SimmonsMale Cheetahs 11-122100:16:45.0Tolman
461Colin PugmireMale Cheetahs 11-122200:16:58.0Endeavour
521Jackson BaileyMale Cheetahs 11-122300:17:13.0Kaysville Jr. High
567Carter KnudsenMale Cheetahs 11-122400:17:24.0Syracuse
507Jackson SybrowskyMale Cheetahs 11-122500:17:30.0Jefferson
505Mia BacochFemale Cheetahs 11-122600:18:04.0Jefferson
568Nathan MilneMale Cheetahs 11-122700:18:07.0Syracuse
1042Carson HolbrookMale Cheetahs 11-122800:18:10.0Bountiful big cats
428Lily DenisonFemale Cheetahs 11-122900:18:11.0Columbia
538Abi PrisbreyFemale Cheetahs 11-123000:18:11.0Morgan
569Noah MuirbrookMale Cheetahs 11-123100:18:12.0Syracuse
430Mason GoldsteinMale Cheetahs 11-123200:18:22.0Columbia
523Raegan CaldwellFemale Cheetahs 11-123300:18:36.0Kaysville Jr. High
463Dylan ThomasMale Cheetahs 11-123400:18:37.0Endeavour
482Mersadie CarrollFemale Cheetahs 11-123500:19:09.0Foxboro
487Ella McQuayFemale Cheetahs 11-123600:19:16.0Foxboro
522Stephen BentleyMale Cheetahs 11-123700:19:26.0Kaysville Jr. High
459Kolt ColemanMale Cheetahs 11-123800:19:38.0Endeavour
564Chaz BillerMale Cheetahs 11-123900:19:41.0Syracuse
527Marley LaytonFemale Cheetahs 11-124000:20:13.0Kaysville Jr. High

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