2018-08-11 • 15 KM

161 Participants • 51 Women • 110 Men

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Comp.ViewBIBNameCategoryRankGender PlaceCat. PlaceOfficial Time
1004Leo LaricheliereMINIME M13-1411100:44:11.9
1033Philippe ThiboutotMINIME M13-1422200:44:12.5
1046Simon RuellandMINIME M13-1433300:44:13.8
995William LanglaisMINIME M13-1444400:45:21.3
914Alexis MaillouxMINIME M13-1455500:46:21.2
416Kevin SundbergMAîTRE M40-4966100:46:21.6
1037Isaak GingrasMINIME M13-1477600:46:22.3
988Alexis ErmelMINIME M13-1488700:46:28.9
959Kylian BrunelleCADET M15-1699100:47:07.7
948Thierry OlivierPEE WEE M11-121010100:48:49.6
1019Rafaelle CarrierPEE WEE F11-12111100:48:49.7
414Sabrina LindsayJUNIOR F17-18122100:48:50.3
1020Philippe CarrierMAîTRE M40-491311200:48:55.4
327Tim FrykodaMAîTRE M40-491412300:49:09.7
916Olivier TremblayMINIME M13-141513800:49:11.7
1007Ulric DoyonMINIME M13-141614900:49:13.2
958Alix BrunellePEE WEE M11-121715200:49:13.2
421Marc-André GenestMINIME M13-1418161000:49:14.3
981Fabrice GuillemetteMINIME M13-1419171100:49:14.8
964Colin MurrayMAîTRE M30-392018100:49:15.7
910Zachary TurgeonMINIME M13-1421191200:49:21.8
1015Jérémy LaflammePEE WEE M11-122220300:50:05.7
408Chris DarlingMAîTRE M50-592321100:50:18.9
418Alice LanglaisPEE WEE F11-12243200:50:51.5
953Marek SimardMINIME M13-1425221300:51:39.5
971Xavier RoyPEE WEE M11-122623400:51:40.0
977Justin VienneauMINIME M13-1427241400:52:01.2
1032Ludovic FortinMINIME M13-1428251500:52:06.5
930Félix ChamberlandMINIME M13-1429261600:53:15.8
931Daniel ChamberlandMAîTRE M50-593027200:53:18.4
1028Louis-Thomas HoudePEE WEE M11-123128500:53:47.2
960Nicolas HudonMAîTRE M40-493229400:53:48.4
402Christian Dubé RousseauMAîTRE M30-393330200:54:08.0
907Charles Édouard PaquetPEE WEE M11-123431600:54:13.6
1042Philippe TherrienPEE WEE M11-123532700:54:15.0
417Félix LanglaisPEE WEE M11-123633800:54:21.4
1043Christian DéryMAîTRE M40-493734500:54:23.5
401Vincent DéryPEE WEE M11-123835900:54:26.7
1047Antoine MartinPEE WEE M11-1239361000:54:27.1
1016Ismaël LessardPEE WEE M11-1240371100:54:38.6

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Date: 2018-08-11
Location: Sainte-Anne-de-Beaupré, QC
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