2023-03-26 • 21 km

1230 Participants • 250 Women • 980 Men

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Comp.ViewBIBNameGenderCategoryRankGender Placechip time
21187Le Quang Hoa MM16-29101:16:54.2
20672Hua Thuan Long MM30-39201:17:44.4
20366Doan Ngoc Hoang MM30-39301:17:59.4
20961Chu van Loi MM30-39401:19:41.6
20383Nguyen Thanh Binh MM40-49501:20:05.7
20301Le Thai Hoa MM30-39601:20:13.8
20890Nguyen Nham Duy Coi MM16-29701:20:55.1
21037Do Trong Nhon MM16-29801:21:53.2
20489Mao Quoc Toi MM16-29901:22:13.3
20812Chau Quoc Binh MM30-391001:22:26.0
21073Kimura Mitsunobu MM50-591101:23:01.4
20856Tran van Ca MM30-391201:23:13.6
21123Duong Vinh Nghia MM16-291301:23:21.1
20583Mai Nguyen Hoai Bao MM16-291401:23:53.5
20888Nguyen van Chung MM30-391501:23:59.7
20378Truong Cong Luc MM16-291601:24:41.0
21192Dang Quoc Tuan MM30-391701:25:07.2
20303Nguyen Duc Thanh MM40-491801:26:20.0
20830Le Ha Giang MM30-391901:26:24.9
20264To Tan Tai MM16-292001:27:00.0
20594Nguyen van Sam MM50-592101:27:07.9
20748Nguyen Minh Duy MM16-292201:27:27.1
21183Bui van Da MM40-492301:27:33.3
20474Bui Quoc Viet MM16-292401:28:02.2
20648Ngo Dang Thanh MM30-392501:28:38.0
20883Tran Minh Tri MM30-392601:29:18.4
20172Nguyen van Nga MM30-392701:29:21.9
20102Nguyen Xuan Tien MM30-392801:29:32.4
20243Tran Anh Dung MM30-392901:29:38.2
20860Doan Thi Hien FF30-393001:30:01.0
20332Tran Ngoc MM40-493101:31:03.0
20684Nguyen Duc Thao MM40-493201:31:32.6
20552Le Anh Quan MM40-493301:31:37.1
21210Tran van Hoa Thuan MM16-293401:31:37.9
20260Phan Thanh Dong MM30-393501:32:19.3
20317Truong Ngoc Anh MM40-493601:32:36.5
20040Pham Khanh Hoang MM30-393701:32:35.8
20108Mauritz Pretorius MM30-393801:32:54.2
20311Tran Phu Hung MM16-293901:33:12.1
21108Tran Duc Ninh MM40-494001:33:19.7

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Date: 2023-03-26
Location: Ho Chi Minh
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