L'Éveil du Phénix

2023-06-04 • 2 km défi jeunesse

19 Participants • 9 Women • 10 Men

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Comp.ViewBIBNameCategoryRankGender PlaceCat. Place
158Theophile GilbertM15-192
161Edgar St-PierreM10-124
160Manoe MorneauM6-76
157Lucius GilbertM13-149
167Felix LevesqueNo age11
156Honore GilbertM10-1216
152Charlyne BriandF10-1217
162Ariane ChretienNo age19
151Joanie BeginF13-1420
155Floralie GilbertF10-1221
163Rose St-PierreNo age22
153Hubert DionneM8-923
154Jeannne DionneF6-727
165Lya GodboutNo age28
166Antoine GodboutNo age29
159Maelle MorneauF5-
164Lucien St-PierreNo age
168Marie-Pierre HudonNo age
169Paul LevesqueNo age

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Name: L'Éveil du Phénix
Date: 2023-06-04
Location: La Pocatière, QC
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